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What is Supercritical?
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1. Supercritical fluid extraction of Technology
Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction (Supercritical Fluid Extraction referred to as SFE) the principle of the separation process is the use of supercritical fluid with the density of the dissolution of the relationship between capacity, namely the use of pressure and temperature on the dissolved supercritical fluid capacity of the carried out. In the supercritical state, and super critical fluid contacts the material to be separated in order to make it selective to the size of polarity, high or low boiling point and molecular weight of components extracted in turn. Of course, corresponds to the pressure range has been impossible to extract a single, but the best conditions to control the proportion of mixed ingredients, and then with decompression, the method of temperature supercritical fluid into an ordinary gas, the material was extracted full or basic precipitation, separation and purification to achieve the goal, so there is CO2 supercritical fluid extraction process of extraction and separation by a combination of process.
2. The characteristics of supercritical fluid extraction
1) supercritical fluid extraction can be close to room temperature (35 ~ 40 ) and the shadow of CO2 gas extraction, effectively prevented the oxidation of heat-sensitive material and oven. Therefore, extracts of medicinal plants have maintained the active ingredients, and bring a high boiling point, low volatility, thermal decomposition of the material easy to far below its boiling point temperature extracted;
2) the use of SFE is the most clean extraction method, since the whole process without organic solvents, the extracts have no residual solvent material, in order to prevent the extraction process of harmful materials to human existence and the pollution of the environment, and ensure 100% pure natural;
3) The combined extraction and separation, when the saturation of CO2 Dissolved fluid into the separator, due to the decline in pressure or temperature changes, making extracts CO2 and quickly became the two-phase (gas-liquid separation) and immediately separated from not only the efficiency of extraction of high and low energy consumption and improve the efficiency of the production cost reduce costs;
4) CO2 is an inert gas, extracted during the chemical reaction does not occur, and are not incombustibility gases, tasteless, odorless, non-toxic, safe and very good;
5) CO2 gas prices, high purity, easy preparation, and in the production cycle can be repeated, thereby effectively reduces the cost;
6) pressure and temperature regulation could become a parameter extraction process, by changing the temperature and pressure to achieve the purpose of extraction, pressure fixed by changing the temperature of the material also can be separated; the other hand, the temperature is fixed, by reducing the pressure to extract separation, so simple and easy process to master, and fast extraction.
3. Supercritical CO2 extraction technology
Supercritical CO2 extraction of the characteristics of its very broad scope of application. Such as in the pharmaceutical industry, can be used to extract an active ingredient in Chinese herbal medicine, heat-sensitive drugs, biological products refined, and the separation of a mixture of lipid-type; in the food industry, hops extraction, the extraction of pigments, etc.; in the fragrance industry, natural and synthetic perfumery refined; the chemical industry in the separation of mixtures.

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