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The nutritional content of garlic and its health effects
Date:2013Year 7month 3day Browse[1056]

Modern medical research confirmed that garlic sets and more than 100 kinds of medicinal ingredients in a health care, including 43 kinds of volatile sulfur content, sulfide sub-sulfonic acid (such as allicin) 13 kinds of esters, nine kinds of amino acids, eight kinds of peptides, glycosides Class 12, 11 kinds of enzymes. In addition, garlic alliin is unique ingredients into the blood when it has become Garlicin when this Garlicin diluted 100,000 times, even if still in an instant to kill Salmonella typhi, Shigella, such as influenza virus. Garlicin combination with vitamin B1 thiamine can produce garlic with the elimination of fatigue, enhance physical奇效. Garlic contains the muscles involved in the activities of creatinine is an indispensable component of semen is also the role of the formation can increase the number of sperm, the so-called eating garlic means this in terms of energy. Garlic can also promote metabolism, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels and lower blood pressure, blood sugar lowering effect and is thus of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, etc. have a certain effect. Skin external use of garlic can promote blood circulation, remove the stratum corneum of skin aging, softening the skin and enhance its flexibility, but also anti-sun, anti-melanin deposition, deringing whitening. In recent years, research shows that garlic can be broken carcinogenic nitrosamines in the body type of the synthesis so far, and its anti-cancer effects in more than 40 kinds of vegetables, fruits, arranged according to the pyramid, located at the top of garlic. In more than 100 kinds of components, which have dozens of separate components of the anti-cancer effect.
Health effects of garlic in the garlic oil is high in garlic sulfur compounds of the general term for all of these substances in the sulfur atom has a high degree of activity, can be spontaneously transformed into a variety of organic sulfur compounds. These organic sulfur compounds in the physical, chemical, biological factors, but also into other sulfur compounds. Garlic in most of all the sulfur compounds with broad pharmacological efficacy, it is also a characteristic pungent smell of garlic constitute the main flavor. Study of essential oil components of garlic are more alliin, allicin and allitridi.
In addition, the day-to-day food drive containing germanium is the most abundant garlic, studies have proven that organic germanium compounds, and some anti-cancer drug combination, both in inhibiting tumor growth, or to prevent tumor metastasis, the synergies are; organic germanium compounds can to stimulate the body produce interferon, and anti-cancer effect of interferon has been confirmed by medical; organic germanium compounds on the immune system is damaged to varying degrees of repair, can activate natural killer cells and macrophages and is conducive to cancer control! organic germanium compounds can reduce the viscosity of blood cells thereby reducing the adhesion, invasion and destruction of the vessel wall of opportunity, which is to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells plays a very important role.
Garlic is also rich in selenium, the material also has powerful anti-cancer effect. It was found that the lowest incidence of cancer of the population is the highest blood selenium content in the crowd. In addition, the selenium in the form of glutathione peroxidase antioxidant role to play in order to play the role of protective film. Garlic is also rich in superoxide dismutase antioxidant also in a role can not be underestimated. In addition, garlic contains 17 kinds of amino acids, including lysine, leucine, valine higher methionine content of the lower White Garlic紫皮essential amino acid content of less than garlic, but the percentage of amino acids紫皮slightly higher than the garlic. Garlic in mineral element content of phosphorus was highest, followed by magnesium, calcium, iron, silicon, aluminum and zinc content is higher.

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