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Garlicin diarrhea can be cured two new
Date:2013Year 7month 3day Browse[1153]

Garlic for one-year-old Lily plant material. Weixin of temperature, both for human consumption can be medicinal. The active ingredients of garlic: Allicin, ie acrylic acid ester-based, the nature of a more stable, has been synthesized. Pharmacological experiments showed that allicin has a broad-spectrum anti-bacteria, anti-fungal, anti-virus, anti-amoebic parasite, Trichomonas vaginalis, such as the role of Enterobius vermicularis, can promote the immune function. Allicin has been more widely used in the treatment of respiratory and digestive tract fungal infections, cryptococcal meningitis, acute and chronic, such as bacillary dysentery and enteritis. Recently, researchers also found that there Garlicin cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease prevention and treatment of periodontal and periapical lesions, as well as AIDS, such as the role of adjuvant therapy. More well known that in the past, rarely seen Cryptosporidium diarrhea (such as Cryptosporidium enteritis, round spore disease, etc.) increasing, and these newly discovered diarrheal diseases and the use of antibiotics berberine invalid, but Chinese medicine can capture Garlicin this type of diarrheal diseases. 
Cryptosporidium enteritis
With the increase in human suffering from AIDS, Cryptosporidium has become the common opportunistic parasites. It is also immunocompromised children with diarrhea and an important pathogen, but also common causes of diarrhea Tourism, therefore, Cryptosporidium enteritis has also increased, the use of antibiotics on the basic disease is invalid, but Garlicin treatment effect will be very satisfied with , six-day course of treatment for the symptoms under control quickly, the disappearance of Cryptosporidium oocysts, will not relapse after treatment.
disease round spores
Cryptosporidium yen animals not only can cause illness, also can cause human diarrhea it is a new kind of diarrheal diseases. The course of half a month to 2 years, the use of a variety of antibiotics are ineffective. There are at least more than 20 countries found that the disease prevalence, our round spores diarrheal disease patients about the prevalence of 7% -8%, the use of traditional Chinese medicine capsule in the treatment of Garlicin The results showed that within four days accounted for 50% of diarrhea, Zhixie week recovery, the effect of 100%.

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