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The role of onion
Date:2013Year 7month 3day Browse[1009]

1, influenza viruses are able to cope with onions, a strong bactericidal action;

2. Onions can promote digestion and fat-free onion, which contains essential oils can reduce the cholesterol content of the mixture of compounds;

3. Onion is known to contain only the A prostaglandins. Regular consumption of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardio-cerebral vascular diseases have a health effect;

4. Onions have some pick-me-up role in diabetes, the diet of patients with╬«Â┘mind╝Đ╩▀;

5. Onion inflammation of contained in a "flavin quercetin" 9 of the material, which is known to the most effective natural anti-cancer substances;

6. Onions contained Selenium has anti-cancer efficacy of anti-aging;

7. Onions also contain some calcium, eat onions can improve bone mineral density, contribute to prevention and treatment of osteoporosis;

8. Onion phytoncide contains, such as allicin and so on, have a strong bactericidal capacity. Influenza can be prevented.

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