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Like to eat garlic the most effective
Date:2013Year 7month 3day Browse[1093]

Application of the history of garlic can be traced back to the Stone Age, archaeological excavations have proved early on in the garlic along with the human. Garlic in the build up their strength, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, the role of disease prevention has been found on ancient and applications! With the modern civilization and scientific and technological development, people's awareness of garlic are increasingly scientific and rational. And scope of application has been expanded.
Garlic content of effective substances, including biologically active substances and non-sulfur content of biologically active substances. (Sulphide in medicine is mainly used in the sterilization, virus, lowering blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure drugs) in the sulfur content of garlic's main biologically active substances derived from ALLIIN, it exists in the role of garlic in the enzyme after ALLINASE Garlicin ALLICIN. Not content of biologically active substances including adenosine, allicin, saponins, flavonoids and selenium and other trace elements.
How then can the most effective eating garlic it!
Usually the most common cooking as a seasoning, followed by the mainly northern-based raw methods, use of technology means Then the effective substances of garlic extract purification products. Because of garlic's biological activity with the volatility of the material, the low boiling point, therefore, for the garlic as raw material in force again after a broken raw better oxidation, (ALLIIN and enzymes present in different cell cavity, only mixed oxide to be fully effective material), allicin garlic products as capsules, tablets allicin, garlic garlic oil, etc. Because of the biological activity of materials science and purification, processing, therefore, it contains more of the biologically active substances high, a wider range and more stable. More convenient to eat and avoid eating garlic can leave a bad odor and leave behind. Therefore, the scientific method is to eat garlic and give full play to the effectiveness of the key to everyday life can not replace the use of garlic and garlic products!

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